The term “data tracking” describes the hardware and software, which when used together allows you to know where something is at any point in time.

Depending on the application, it’s also possible to measure temperature, moisture or many other variables.

Since this is such a broad field of possibilities, it is more useful to describe how this technology is applied in specific applications. Working together with our technology partner EV2, Securitec has created solutions which secure people and valuable assets in many fields. Following are examples to illustrate the possibilities, but please keep in mind that each situation is unique. Contact us to discuss your specific challenge.

Memory Impairment

For family members suffering from a failing memory due to Alzheimers or similar debilitating diseases, staying at home in familiar surroundings as long as possible helps to slow the process. The dangers are relatively basic, such as leaving a stove on or wandering away. Using internet technologies, Securitec is able to provide real-time monitoring tailored to your situation.

  • GPS bracelets allow you to know where your loved one is at all times.
  • Temperature monitors alert you when the stove is left on for extended periods.
  • Doors can be remotely locked, or unlocked, to provide security while allowing medical personnel access at a moments notice.
  • Cameras provide visual and audio monitoring of key areas to allow visual checks.

When these technologies are used in assisted living and nursing home settings, data can be recorded which provides an event history. This information secures not only the patient, but the facility against charges of negligence or malfeasance.

Data monitoring allows memory impaired individuals to stay in their homes longer.

Artworks and Valuables

Whether in a museum or traveling on loan, valuables such as paintings can be digitally tracked using GPS technology. Knowing exactly where your priceless artwork is at any point in time is important to not only museum or gallery personnel, but to insurance companies as well. When stationary, any movement can signal a central monitoring station alerting security personnel. Cameras provide the visual overview allowing security to instantly see the cause of the alarm.

Museums and gallery security is enhanced with data tracking technology.

Schools and Universities

Students and instructors face dangers unimaginable to older generations. Securitec designs systems which allow monitoring of classrooms and interior spaces, as well as parking garages and outside walkways. Instant communication in an emergency provides an additional layer of security when faced with gun-related or fire-related emergencies. Access control for specific people, areas and time provide safety when faculty and students are working alone at night. Securitec will tailor the system to fit your unique situation.

Securing schools and universities is more important, and more difficult, every day.

Courts, Police Stations and Correction Facilities

Keeping law enforcement personnel, as well as detainees, safe is of paramount importance. Video and audio monitoring, as well as strong access control of critical areas, provides the people working in dangerous situations an additional layer of security. Calling for additional help in an emergency is enhanced by location specific information. Securitec’s experience in these applications also includes perimeter protection, building controls, infection control, asset management and so much more.

As you can see, the possibilities are limited only by the application.

Following are additional examples where Securitec has leveraged this technology:

Data tracking provides a growing number of security applications. The situations described scratch the surface of what we can do with this technology. The important solution is your specific challenge. Contact us to discuss how we can develop a system which secures people, facilities and valuables.

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