Record & Manage Investigative Interviews Easily & Securely

Review recordings at your desktop

Add flags and notes for easy review

Search recordings quickly and easily

Export, save, and share any recording

CaseCracker is designed to be easy-to-use, requires little-to-no training, and is customizable to meet the needs of your organization. The system is offered in multiple form-factors to allow recordings to take place in police departments, universities, hospitals, or even in field locations like hotel rooms or transport vehicles.


  • Easiest-to-use solution on the market
  • Proven performance – used by over 1,300 local and federal agencies, including, FBI, DEA, NCIS, Army CID, Air Force OSI, US Coast Guard, Boston PD, Seattle PD and Baltimore PD
  • Among the first to enter the market with a law enforcement purpose-built Interview Recording Room Solution
  • Backed by a team of in-house engineers to support product innovation
  • Hardware and software warranty included
  • Ongoing new features and enhancements provided with every system
  • Software support – technical staff available to answer all software related questions via email or phone
  • We work with integrators for local installation and hands on product support

CaseCracker Onyx, our most technologically advanced solution, is customizable to meet the needs of any sized organization.

    • Records with high definition IP cameras
    • Start, stop and view recordings from your PC Built in redundancy features to safeguard against failure
    • Searchable notes, flags and case information
    • Export recordings and metadata in common MP4 and PDF formats Connect up to 16 interview rooms

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