Access Control Systems

Access control security systems protect not only your facility and contents, but the people inside. Preventing theft may be the most commonly stated reason to invest in an access system, but in our crazy legal and violent world, fraud and personal safety are no less important.

A secure facility requires control of Who, What, When, Where and How.

If any of the following are true, your business is unsecured:

  • employees come and go through an unwatched, unlocked back door
  • visitors are “buzzed in” with very little vetting because you can’t see who’s there
  • there are no records of specifically who entered your building and when

As much as we wish it was still Mayberry R.F.D. where Barney needed only one bullet, the reality is different. Slip and fall attorneys, dishonest employees or crazed ex-spouses can quite simply cost you your business. The stakes are high and the cheapest solution may ultimately be the most expensive. Online reviews are no replacement for career security professionals.

The ability to monitor and control access remotely creates a situation which is both effective and economical. Regardless of the size of your enterprise, whether a few or a few hundred, Securitec is able to design and install an access control system specific to your location, operation and people. Access control systems range from simple “buzzers” and card systems up to cloud-based fingerprint or biometric video identification.

Our technicians are highly trained and experienced – we’ve been designing and installing security systems in Ohio for over 25 years. We represent multiple top security system manufacturers, giving us the ability to choose equipment specific for your situation.

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